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  • WebmasterHut

    Welcome to the relaunch of WebmasterHut, a free online community dedicated to empowering forum administrators and community webmasters.

    Backed by the expertise, knowledge, and resources of a Certified Community Manager and Community Advocate, WebmasterHut is your new home to build forums and online communities. 

    Join the Village. Become a Builder. Grow your Tribe.

  • Re-Launch

    WebmasterHut is currently being relaunched.  The new owner took over on February 8 2020. The website is currently in beta until further notice, but fully functional for existing members.  Our goal is to deliver best-in-class resources, knowledge, and guides to empower forum administrators and community webmasters.

    Our plan:

    • Launch in-depth, authoritative, and objective guides and reviews
    • Launch a glossary of community management terms
    • Launch a site directory of the world's top independent communities
  • Our Beliefs

    Our goal is to bring best-in-class expertise in community management principles into actionable and easy guidance for online communities of all sizes.  

    We don't care what host you choose, what platform you choose, or what theme you install. We learn skills that can be applied for all scenarios.  

    We ask that all members agree to our Village Rules before joining:

    • We understand that community-building is a journey, not a destination.
    • We recognize that community-building requires lifting people up, not tearing them down.   
    • We respect the beliefs and credos of others in the diverse interests of humanity.  
    • We are humbled by what we can learn from others, empowered to teach others, and inspired by the Hut village.

    We're here to grow with you. Become a builder and grow your tribe with WebmasterHut.

  • We're a community ourselves, and we pride ourselves on being a free and supportive community for everyone.

    We welcome all people.  Our Village Rules ensures our community is welcoming, supportive, and educational.   

  • Learn the principles of effective community management, grounded in strategy, member management, and platform technology.  

    Our best-in-class resources cover disciplines such as social sciences, psychology, behavioral economics, content marketing, search engine marketing, organizational management, leadership and more.

  • You bring the passion, leadership, and vision. We can help with everything else, so you can scale the community of your dreams. 

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