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Sendblaster 4 is the latest version of bulk email sending software from Sendblaster Inc. An Italian software company located in downtown Sardinia, Italy. Sendblaster Inc. also has offices offices in Milan, Italy. This is the review of the latest version of Sendblaster, namely the Sendblaster 4 version.
Graduation Day For Email Engineers:
Regardless of the size of the email contact list, it doesn’t take long for a tech-savvy business to figure out that its far better to send out their own marketing emails than using Email Service Providers (ESP’s) like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Madmimi, Mailchimp and Campaigner that can limited and expensive. These services exist for small businesses that are not tech savvy, or are just too lazy to learn. Businesses not only pay for the privilege of using an ESP, but are also likely to damage their brand using them, but are not savvy enough to realize it. You will never see a large business  like Pepsico, IBM or Microsoft using an ESP, so there is an argument that a small business should not be using them either. Of course the small business needs to be somewhat tech savvy to set up their own outgoing email server, but the effort will be worth it in the end and could end up saving them thousands of dollars an delivering exactly what they want.
Sending Email Using Sendblaster 4:
Its a fact that sending marketing email using Sendblaster (or any other local email software product) gets increased email marketing functionality for the small business and it will cost a tenth of the price of the various offerings from the current ESP’s. The ESP’s do, however, make sending marketing emails quite easy, but fail to provide basic functions that every company would want to use. Many of the features that marketing departments need today are A/B Testing, re-sending to the recently-added-contacts on a marketing list, management of mis-spellings (It is obvious to us humans that yhoo.com should be yahoo.com, but not to Constant Contact), controlled delivery rate, controlled or random distribution and virus control.
Ongoing cost is also a very important  factor, with Constant contact costing over $100 a month to house just 10,000 contacts compared with using your own email infrastructure that costs just $250 a year, there is a discernible difference. Another unsettling control that the ESP’s put upon their users is the refusal to provide key data about contacts owned by the businesses, EG Constant Contact will not tell companies who made a spam complaint against them, falsely citing the Can Spam Act of 2003, but in reality the Can Spam Act mentions no such thing about withholding the source of a complaint – its a self imposed policy and Constant Contact uses the Can Spam Act as cover. Businesses want to know where they are having problems, but Constant Contact will just remove the contact from the list, never-to-be-mentioned again. Although the business’s contact data is owned by them, Constant Contact actually owns the data when its on their servers. ESP’s have such large meta-data tables that they are  able to tell what email addresses are actually spam traps and not real people,  but they will not actually tell their own customers. ESP’s have contracts with market intelligence companies and provide them with cross sectional analysis – IE, they wont give the email address data to the market intelligence company, but if asked they will tell the market intelligence companies what lists that there contacts are actually on. This is not a practice that a business partner should be doing and businesses leave ESP’s when they realize that the whole ESP business is quite corrupt. The most common ESP’s are Constant Contact, MailChimp, Vertical Response and Campaigner.com‎, and they are all in the racket of stealing your data.
Full Review Of The Sendblaster 4 Email Software
Advantages of Sending Your Own Marketing Emails:
Dedicated IP Address:
 – You manage your own IP address. Your work to protect it getting white-listed and staying white-listed and never sending spam.
– ESP’s all use shared IP addresses, so any idiot who buys a mailing list can instantly destroy the credibility of everyone else using that service, this is a common problem for Constant Contact and given the amount of money that you spend with them you shouldn’t have to experience these kind of outages, of which they have many. Manage Your Own Destiny:
– You have ultimate control over your email server. You decide what goes out when and can schedule a time when the server isn’t getting overwhelmed with other people’s email sends You Can Send From Your Own Domain Name
– Surprisingly, some ESP’s still make you send from their sub-domain which looks terrible on an email, like you are a reprobate. The format is from X on behalf of  Y – X being the ESP and Y being your company. This is such an antiquated way of sending email and it does untold damage to your brand, so avoid at all costs. Finding The Right Email Sending Software:
Once a business has decided that it can do a better job than than the ESP’s (email service providers like Constant Contact and Vertical Response) it’s time to find some email software that can send it. This can be a tricky task as there are many products out there and cursory reviews don’t indicate what problems you will have later down the line. For Example, we originally tested Atomparks Atomic Mail Sender (AMS) as it has some nice functions for sending marketing emails, its also cheap and fast. In fact it works very fast, faster than any other similar product. But once you get into the meat of this product and start sending more then 30,000 emails out, your IP address will be mysteriously banned by cbl.abuseat.org, who are one of the most important spam detection services out there. During our testing and constant red flagging by cbl.abuseat.org, it became clear that the Atomic Mail Sender (AMS) is mostly used by spammers and leaves a certain signature during an email handshake, which cbl.abuseat.org then spots and blacklists the IP address and sometimes the whole class B or class C range. Regardless of whether the email is spam or not, it is these kinds of situations that a network or email engineer can find himself in after spending considerable amount of time researching a product, only to find that it is in fact a dead end with his choice of email sending software being the culprit.
Sendblaster 4 Review – Pro’s and Cons:
Works well with various Message Transfer Agents (MTA’s) Great proprietary tracking software with open rate and click rate tracking Good integration with Google Analytics Good technical support, with a knowledgeable chat person usually readily available during business hours Cons
The GUI is MFI (made for idiots) which can frustrate seasoned professionals who know exactly what they want to do, but are restricted by the poorly designed GUI Sendblaster often cannot handle symbols like quotation marks ” and copyright symbols ©, even though the data character set does support it. It replaces them with question marks ? During email editing, Sendblaster cannot perform a “find” for text in HTML or text formats. You cannot search for anything inside your emails during editing. Notepad will have to be your new best friend A/B or Split testing is not available in Sendblaster, nor can you run two sessions of Sendblaster up at the same time to get around the problem. Although you can buy another copy and put it on another server, but this is a pain. Sendblaster is not suitable for email sends of 10,000 or more – Terrible speed drop-off after 10,000 emails, you have divide your list into chunks of  10,000 contacts,  see the report below: Sendblaster 4 Slows Down To  A Crawl During A Send Bigger Than 10,000 Emails:
One of the biggest problems with  Sendblaster 4 is the fact that during an email send, Sendblaster 4 will slow down to  crawl, the more emails you send in that one session. To test, we removed all back end MTA impediments during the test and we determined that the delay is coming directly from the poorly written Sendblaster code, that relies on a back-end MS access database flaw that slows down, the more data you feed into it.
At the start of the email send test, Sendblaster is quite a promising, with  speeds at 1500 emails per minute. After a few thousand emails are sent, the speed starts coming down to 600 a minute and a little further in to the email send things get very bad.  Sendblaster reaches a maximum speed of just 250 emails per minute when it reaches 30,000 email sent, which is a maximum of 15,000 emails per hour, which is pretty poor performance for an email sender software.  It will continue at this speed indefinitely and this is undeniably a very slow rate for email sender software. The database behind Sendblaster 4 must be using MSAccess or something equally slow, as it appears to chug slower and slower, reminiscent of a badly written MS Access macro, that does not leverage the Rushmore technology that Fox Software brought to Microsoft with the Fox Software Acquisition in 1992, that was quickly folded into MS Product line including Visual Fox. It seems that Sendblaster is not leveraging any of that technology, that is now decades old and it needs to be updated. MS Access is as old as the hills and it is not a very stable nor snappy foundation to build your application on top of.
For the technically inclined, in our tests we removed all  factors that could be causing latency such as email tracking, slow processor speed (replaced the processor with Intel® Core i7 quad-core), memory (we replaced with 64GB), removed all other applications/ virus checkers etc, we replaced the hard drive with a samsung EVO SSD and ported the email directly into a dummy file, instead of the MTA that we had been using for testing, which in this case was PowerMTA and that can handle way above 10,000 emails a second. Although we left no stone unturned, all evidence points towards the SB4 product being greatly disadvantaged by speed and entirely unsuitable for email sends larger than 10,000. This makes the application great as tool for businesses with less than 10,000 contacts, but troublesome for any business that has more and needs to get emails out quickly.
Work-Around Solution For The 10,000 Limit Problem:
To get around the problems that Sendblaster 4 faces with latency, it is suggested to divide up the email-send into blocks that are less than 10,000 contacts each. We tested this hypothesis and sure enough, it does work. It gets decent speeds at sending and we never have to deal with the 10,000+ slowness problems that we have seen in our tests. Obviously, dividing your list up into many small sections and sending each one individually ( and waiting for it to finish, as you cannot schedule them one after the other) is an annoying pain and increases the risk that you might forget to do a send or accidentally send the email twice. Removing the risk of human error is always a good approach for any system, but Sendblaster’s limitations and resultant work-around actually introduces new human error, rather than reduce it.
How Sendblaster 4 Compares To Sendblaster 3
The guts of Sendblaster 4 are almost identical to Sendblaster 3. All the known bugs and issues remain in the new version as well as the previous version. What has changed is that Sendblaster 4’s GUI is a lot cleaner and easier to use. The whole system is still based on the awful MSAccess and all the limitations that this brings. Hopefully Sendblaster 5 will ditch the MSAccess back-end and resolve the inherent weaknesses that drags it down to the gutter.

WH News Man
With multiple uses for computers today, everyone is looking for new ways to speed up their computer. Many have found spending a couple of hours each day deleting their cookies necessary. When searching for resources, each website tags the computer's id number and fills cookies very quickly. As such, is necessary to keep these cookies removed constantly. With the new Internet Explorer 7, the tool menu in the bar makes it simple to remove your cookies.
These days, it is important that you Defragment your computer regularly. In the past, you could get by with Defragging once a week, yet, it has become an everyday affair. So, after you finish doing your work, take a break and use this time to do the Defragging. By the time you have return from your rest, the computer will have finished the process and you can then resume work.
Defragmenting your computer is not the only thing you can do. After the Defragmenting has finished, you should also do a disk cleanup to help compress your old files. Doing both procedures takes a little time, but are well worth it. This is because these two programs help prevent your computer from shutting down or locking up.
Keeping your desktop free from unused icons will make a difference in your computer's speed. Things such as short cuts, high resolution wallpapers, graphics, cursors, and skins slow your computer down.
If you have an older computer, say three years old, it might be a good idea to upgrade it. Rams and other chips tend to get outdated very quickly in that short span of time. When you upgrade your Ram, it will greatly increase the speed of your computer. Also, it is fairly inexpensive and easy to install, providing you with the opportunity to touch the edge of the computer with your forearms for about 60 seconds, enough to ground yourself and to protect you and the chips from static that may still be inside the tower. If you are not computer savvy, be sure to talk to a computer expert to find out what sort of chips you need to get before dismantling and fixing your computer. Most experts, such as the people at Radio Shack are very educated in such fields and will tell you what you need to know at no cost.
Sometimes, computers may be infected by some of the viruses picked up from the websites you visit. It is imperative to have some sort of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs installed on your computer. One of the more popular program used by PC owners today is Tend-Micro, a program that not only tells you when that there is a virus present, it also quarantines the virus and then fixes it.
All computer users are recommended to purchase a registry cleaner as it will eliminate any clutter or junk that has built up from installing and uninstalling programs. Without a registry cleaning program, your computer could become sluggish, crammed full of error messages, and may have regular computer systems crashes.
Click Here to speed up your computer for free. Logan Albright is an authority on troubleshooting computer problems. He provides valuable advice to thousands of people on how to optimize their computers through a proper computer check up .

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In the first few weeks of establishing your business, sales can be dormant at some point. The reason is that people around you haven’t grown to trust your product or services. However, you shouldn’t be let down by the fact that people haven’t grown to the extent to which they can trust your product. What you need to do is create a viable platform with which people can get to know your products, think about the possibility of gaining satisfaction with your services, and eventually end up buying from you. All of these can come as a result of persuasion, as long as you have a digital platform that can help you actualize your goals. Fortunately, a dedicated server hosting is that digital platform that you can trust because your business is open to competing with several others that have been trying to dominate the digital marketing hemisphere. With a dedicated server hosting, you can also put up a fight in order to keep your business alive through some of the strategies that are explained below.

1. Return On Investment (ROI)

If you must start off a business venture, it is high time you used the best strategies that can facilitate your success. Ideally, many business empires have benefited immensely from using cheap domain names to expand their business beyond their reach. Unlike traditional advertising which requires a lot of capital to make your business popular, cheap domain names can provide a twenty-four-hour advertising opportunity for your business with very cheap resources and bankable strategies. Rather than spend excessively on traditional advertising, especially for a business that is yet to establish itself firmly in a competitive digital market, cheap domain names can help you spend less while you gain more clients to buy from you.

2. Fast server

As a matter of fact, dedicated server hosting is quite faster in terms of processing programming languages and codes, compared to when you are hosted on a shared server. Your server needs to work with speed in order to execute the commands that are issued by potential clients on your server to facilitate a business transaction. When clients can interact easily with your website, you rest assured that you will stay active, as well as conserve time to meeting the demands of your clients without a server delay. The fact that your business is a start-up should not make you settle for a shared server. The reason is that your visitors want to make a fast transaction on the go. So, you have to make their navigation easy on your page in order to you keep them on your server, doing business conveniently.

3. Secured security

If you have to succeed in an intensely competitive marketing atmosphere, you must have the backings of experts to ensure that your server is not compromised. Therefore, you need to ensure that your server is properly secured from cyber attacks. An active server can give you the assurance that you will remain in business, regardless of how you have started. Interestingly, those that are hosted on a dedicated server have no reason to doubt the service, because there is a hundred percent guarantee that all your server activities are protected from indiscriminate attack.

You shouldn’t be deterred by the fact that your business is starting off with very little capital. You can expand your capacity in a short while, by banking on a dedicated server hosting. The reason is that you can work with several campaigns that can help you increase sales on a digital space with the help of an expert while using several cheap domain names to give your business prominence.

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Most people choose shared hosting for the site in the beginning. Shared hosting is a hosting account on which you host your site on a shared server with hundreds of other people's sites. Shared hosting is often very affordable because of the number of websites that share the space and resources on each server. The disadvantage is that your site must share resources on the server, such as processing power and memory. This means that if specific sites are busy and receive a lot of traffic, they obviously consume more processing power and server memory. This can lead to a slow opening of your site and your potential customer will not wait for your site to appear. They are just going elsewhere! The other disadvantage of sharing a server with so many sites is that a server is as reliable as the scripts that are written there. If a particular site uses an incorrect script, you can disable the entire server. Your site will also be disabled and without your fault.

If your online business is essential and you want to avoid downtime or slowdowns, your best option is your own dedicated server. And if you're not technical, the best option is a fully managed dedicated server. A managed dedicated hosting provider manages a fully managed dedicated server hosting. You do not have full access to the root, but you will get a control panel to configure the site space. In a way, similar to a shared server, except that it only belongs to your sites. It used to be a rather expensive option, but prices are falling and there is a wide variety of hosting providers offering fully managed dedicated servers starting at £ 50 or £ 60 per month.

The other advantage of your own dedicated server is that you can install the software of your choice. On a shared server, you can only use the preinstalled software and components provided, which can be limiting. If fully managed, your hosting provider will install the software for you and charge a small installation fee. You also have much more webspace: if your server's hard drive has 80 GB, you can use about 74 GB for your websites and software. And with a managed dedicated server hosting, you will have a lot more bandwidth to use than a shared server. In fact, several hosting providers now offer a monthly bandwidth usage of one terabyte, which is more than enough for most online businesses.

You will notice a great improvement in the loading speed of your sites when they are on a dedicated server. If you are selling products on your site, it is definitely worth considering a managed dedicated hosting. This will improve your service to your customers and a quick and agile purchase process will help maximize the number of your sales.

Remember that with a fully managed dedicated server, you do not need any technical knowledge. Your hosting provider will take care of your server and any updates to the software and operating system, allowing you to focus on your business.

Discover the cost of a fully managed dedicated server today and take your online business to the next level.

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As a business owner, you should be able to stand out amongst your competitors. The purpose of standing out amongst your competitors is to ensure that you don’t fade out in business. Gone are the days in which traditional advertising had a lot of influence on how your business succeeds on a long-term basis. However, the emergence of digital marketing has rendered traditional marketing less important, considering the fact that majority of customers have access to the internet through their mobile devices. So, the way in which you can get to your customers easily is by adopting the new forms of digital marketing. You can owe much of this success to cheap domain names.

With cheap domain names, you rest assured of building your business to accommodating a very large customer base. Moreover, you can achieve better results with dedicated server hosting, which many business owners are taking all the chances they have of maintaining a private server. The fact that you own a server affords you of many opportunities, especially when you have cheap domain names registered in your favour. On this account, here are three benefits to how cheap domain names can help improve your brand.

1. Autonomy

You stand at a greater chance of developing your business well enough especially when you have total control over your online activities. On a shared server, for instance, there are restrictions on how you would like to modify your page to match your taste. If you happen to be a restaurateur, you are expected to entice your customers with images. In such a case, you have to change the background of your webpage on different occasions, as a way of representing the current situation of your customers or visitors. This is an area where you find dedicated server hosting becoming a useful tool for business owners who have cheap domain names, as a way of expanding their frontiers in the business industry.

2. Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a common practice for those that have invested in digital marketing and have a great understanding of how this principle works. As a local business owner, you shouldn’t set your sight on traditional advertising alone, because the antics of traditional advertising are fading away. With a cheap capital, you can have a domain name for describing your business together with a dedicated server hosting platform that can help you reach out to your clients on a daily basis.

3. Subdirectories

Your visitors should be able to navigate and interact with your website easily. As an industry that has many sections in which a lot of visitors needs are being managed, you can have multiple domain names that can help treat the needs of your visitors on time. Your server should be in such a way that your visitors are not bored by your page or your activities, as long as you have your page running at full speed. The fact that your website is fast to deliver the easiest services make more customers identify with your brand quickly. This way, you are able to touch the needs of your customers, with just a click. Therefore, the idea of a subdirectory should come to mind whenever your business has expanded beyond your imagination. This way, you increase your brand awareness, by the virtue of having various cheap domain names.

On a final note, you should be prepared to take your competitive game to the entire world through personalized domain names. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy more brand awareness through the help of a cheap dedicated server. If you have been on a shared server, it is high time you considered dedicated server hosting for your privacy and speedy growth of your business.

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