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Community Touchpoints

Touchpoints are any ways that a visitor or member interacts with your community, whether it be through the forums, mobile app, physical (like a conference), or any other form of communication.  

Some touchpoints are obvious and through the forum or online community itself: forum discussions, articles, resources, and comments. You may also intentionally position some touchpoints front-and-center, like products or subscriptions.   

But many touchpoints can be overlooked, and they're often the one and only interaction some members or visitors will ever have with you:

  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter
  • Personal Messages
  • Direct emails 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are all of the different touchpoints on your forum or online community?  Divide between digital and physical.  
  2. In the past week, what touchpoints are the ones where you've received the most inquiries?  

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