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About This Club

This is an open club for any member of WH to join and try out if you have never used IPS clubs,if you would like to host your own club here please open one and have fun.

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  2. Hey smokey Happy new year to you and the best of luck in 2020
  3. Merry Xmas
  4. Clubs & Social Groups User-Created Communities Clubs allow users to create and manage their own communities, fully integrated with your site and with full oversight from your own staff. Club leaders can add new sections to their club, like forums, galleries, calendars and more. Public, Private, Open, Closed Clubs have a range of privacy settings, from fully public to entirely private (though still with oversight), to cover every need. Paid Club Memberships New New in 4.3, users can create paid clubs, requiring a membership fee (one-time or recurring) to be paid before joining. Your site can take an optional commission, with the club owner receiving the balance. Member Approval Club leaders and moderators have full control over members joining their club, with a one-click approval system.
  5. 4.5: Club Improvements Roundup Almost every single day, we receive feedback on our popular clubs feature. Some of the requests are big in scope, and some a little smaller. Following on from our previous blog entry for Club Pages, we’re pleased to announce a collection of smaller, but no less useful improvements. Improved Map Display The Clubs location map better shows where local clubs are A small but useful change to the clubs map means the view is now centered and zoomed around available clubs. Previously the map would show a world view even if all of the clubs were located in a concentrated geographical area. Member Tab A commitment to privacy always influences our development decisions, and this is true in clubs as well as other areas. It is now possible to set who can view the club member list on a per club basis. Clubs can be set to show the member list to everyone, only to club members or only to club leaders and moderators. You can now decide who can see your club Club Widgets A common request for clubs is that widgets should be able to display content from within clubs. With 4.5, this is now possible and allows you to better bring attention to your club content from anywhere in your community. Content widgets can now show club specific content Some people wanted to control where widgets would show more finely. This wasn’t previously possible, but now it is. When adding widgets to a page, you can now set whether you want it to appear everywhere, everywhere except clubs, or only in clubs. Join Requests Club leaders can invite members who they believe will enjoy their content to join. Likewise, members can request to join a club that is not open for all to join instantly. For a site with a lot of clubs, this could mean that you are invited to many clubs or find that your pending request goes unnoticed. Your member can quickly manage their pending invites Members can now cancel pending requests themselves quickly and easily from the Club homepage. Clubs are becoming an increasingly popular part of Invision Community and really helps foster a sense of involvement. We are always interested and surprised by the variety of ways this feature is being used. Let us know how you’re using clubs in the comments and keep the great suggestions coming!

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