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Block brute-force attack on Wordpress

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For those who have a server that running with CSF, this is how to block WordPress login attack.


if (($globlogs{CUSTOM4_LOG}{$lgfile}) and ($line =~ /(\S+).*] "POST \/wp-login\.php.*" 200/)) {
    return ("Failed Wordpress login from",$1,"wordpress","5","80,443","3600");

You can replace 3600 with 1 if want to block IP permanently.



CUSTOM4_LOG = "/var/log/apache2/domlogs/*/*"

The load on the server will not high. Mine load only load average: 9.78, 10.68, 10.16.

You can check this using tail -f /var/log/lfd.log


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Don't forget to put your country code under CC_ALLOW to avoid your country blocks.

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