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Hostpoco.com*Dedi server- X5650 ( 2 Cores x 2.66 ),SSD Storage,Free Setup.

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Hostpoco.com has been providing Quality & low prices web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals.we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers. we always provide hosting services for the best possible price.

Reliable and Affordable Dedicated Server with 7 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Dedicated Server Plan & Features

- X5650 ( 2 Cores x 2.66 )
- SSD Storage
- 8 GB RAM
- 2x 240GB SSD Storage
- 4 Free IP Address
- 1Gbps uplink 10 TB traffic
- 99 % Uptime Guarantee
- 24/7 Live Support
- SSH Access
Monthly Price: $85/m.

For a more dedicated server plan, please Low Dedicated Servers, Cheap Dedicated Servers, Money Back Servers

If you have any question please contact us https://hostpoco.com/contact-us-for-free-website-hosting.php

Check Our Reviews:

Thank You.

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