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    Howdy everyone, Shawn here! I’m a 35 year old guy from southern Illinois - USA. I work in the QA management sector and on my days off, you can find me in the National Forest and state parks hiking, biking, geocaching and pretty much most forms out outdoor rec! I’m into it so much that I’ve created a YouTube for it and have made a name for myself locally. ive been into message forum management for many years, since the 90s. I even remember the old dialup BBS systems and of course the Usenet alt discussion boards. ive ran many forums including a big board with over a million posts....
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    Howdy Shawn 😀 You're a great example of a guy who can balance between the physical and the digital: to combine his love for outdoor hiking with online mediums and technological communication! Also, what's geocaching?? From a guy who has been running and involved with forums for many years, what's some advice that you would share to new webmasters? Joel
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    Hi @Ashley thanks for updating us on your forum's progress!
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    It's going to impact the sites indexing in the short-term. In general though, Google doesn't care about the platform. It cares about the content, the speed, the user experience, the tools, and benefits you offer to visitors. Focus on that, and you'll do well regardless of platform.
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    Ha, ha better late than never right?
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    Hey @Ashley yes im late but happy new year to you as well.😉
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