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    Site Name: CODForums URL: http://www.codforums.com (or https://www.codforums.com) Type: Forum Site Info: CODForums is the oldest Call of Duty Forum in existence. No one has the rich history that's behind CODForums. No one. Created in 2003, in anticipation of Activision's Call of Duty. However, CODForums.com has been through many iterations. My iteration of CODForums is about the 5th iteration. I became administrator of CODForums.com in 2009, then acquired the site early 2011. It was my most riskiest, my biggest accomplishment, and I am still proud of it.
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    Site Name: DestroyRepeat URL: http://www.destroyrepeat.com (or https://destroyrepeat.com) Type: Blog/Forum Site Info: Originally a TitanFall community, DestroyRepeat is a Video Game Community. It is a community that merges about 13 communities. The largest community was a PSVita Forum with 9 thousand members, and 300 thousand posts. Combined together, it is now a community with 58,316 Threads, 564,261 Posts, and 19,914 Members. And I don't plan to stop there. On Mar 18, 2019 - I made a new decision: DestroyRepeat is no longer just a forum. It's now a combination of a blog and forum thanks to the power of xPress.
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    I will load up a snap on xmas Day 😁
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    Nice, very nice site, @Smokey! Nice growth you've got there.
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    Wow that is awesome, a snap of the dish would be great I am better at eating ha ha ha.
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