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  1. I think it looks better now very easy to use.😉
  2. Love the look and feel of the site Joel nice job 😉
  3. Storyteller's Circle A multi-genre roleplay forum designed to support a wide array of stories and player interests. It is our vision to see Storyteller's Circle as a thriving community of writers and roleplayers, and to be a place where writers of all skill levels can feel safe and welcome. We offer a supportive staff, numerous features to help support roleplays of all types, a live discord, and above all a healthy dose of enthusiasm and inspiration derived from a group of people dedicated to seeing Storyteller's Circle prosper. If you're a roleplayer looking for a fresh start on a new site and who values a healthy community and supportive environment, then I welcome you to come join us at Storyteller's Circle. Among our offered features, we provide personal forum space for large roleplays or tabletop roleplays that include multiple sub-forums for sorting threads, tabbed threads for organizing information, an integrated bbcode dice system, google document embedding, moderator privileges over the roleplay's forums, optional co-GMs, and a custom feature on our front page. View the full article
  4. We are 100% free service for folks that are looking for second hand licenses or looking to trade or sell, we also offer some security for the buyer and the seller by doing a middle man service that is explained more in detail on our website. Thanks View the full article
  5. Welcome to Webmasterhut. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Welcome to Webmasterhut. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Welcome to Webmasterhut. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. The Ultimate in Sports Card Trading and Discussion. View the full article
  9. Soldier of Fortune II gaming community, home to the MDK mod. Dedicated gamers keeping Soldier of Fortune II alive. View the full article
  10. So you want to start your own web hosting business where did you start? did you get WHMCS as your billing software or did you just start with a regular php site and grow it from that? For me i started hosting game servers that had a standard php site and it grew from there, after a few years i got interested in the hosting business and looked into automated software, I found WHMCS and have been using that ever since with a template from https://www.zomex.com
  11. no problem ill make an account there and visit. https://www.forumregister.com/ is one of my sites as well that im working on some promotion. Nice to see you visit.
  12. I'm waiting for them to finish moving to their new data-center then i will be upgrading to a dedicated server, then i will be going back online with my hosting website.
  13. I started with a shared host 20 years back, but you learn very quickly shared hosting is very limited as to what you can do then again if your only running maybe one site and its simple shared is OK.
  14. Community for Indian Christians to meet fellow Christians, submit prayer requests, share testimonies, get help and lots more. View the full article
  15. Hey Jason nice site sir you can also promote your site here https://www.forumregister.com/
  16. I have been with knownhost for some time, I must say the support there has been #1, anyone else using them that would care to share their experiences. https://www.knownhost.com/managed-vps.html
  17. Managed hosting is an IT provisioning model in which a service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer and manages those systems on the customer's behalf. In managed hosting, customers can rent equipment such as dedicated server, storage and network hardware; operating systems; and system software. The leased equipment serves only that single customer -- or "tenant" as customers are referred to single-tenancy architecture. The customer usually has administrative access to the leased systems yet rarely uses it, instead opting to interact with the system through a web-based interface. Features of managed hosting Management services are a key aspect to what differentiates managed hosting from other dedicated hosting services. Typically, managed hosting providers are responsible for hardware and software setup and configuration, technical support, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updates. Managed hosting providers, however, may offer a menu of add-on services and/or packages that range from basic service offerings to pricier bundles of more advanced services. In most cases, managed hosting services can be customized to fit a customer's specific business requirements. Among the services that customers can expect from managed hosting providers include: backups and disaster recovery; load balancing; security services, such as vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, and distributed denial-of-service prevention and mitigation; physical security measures for safeguarding data centers; server configuration, maintenance and monitoring; application support; and support for resolving technical issues. Some managed hosting companies have partnered with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers to expand their portfolios of management service offerings. Managed hosting plans frequently come with a service-level agreement, which outlines the services the customer is paying for and service standards that the hosting provider is required to meet. Review this general overview of IT operating models. Managed hosting vs. colocation In colocation, or "colo," a customer contracts a data center facility to lease space for compute hardware. While colo providers may offer managed services, they traditionally provide only the data center space and associated operational needs, such as cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security. In the colo model, customers generally have unilateral control over the hardware and software they use, which they must implement, manage and maintain using their in-house IT staff. From a customer perspective, the choice between the managed hosting and colocation models might boil down to the organization's level of in-house expertise. Compared with managed hosting services, colocation customers will need internal IT skills to oversee the hardware housed in the colo facility. In this sense, an organization with a small in-house IT staff may benefit from the ability to offload the management and maintenance of leased hardware to a managed hosting provider.
  18. Cloud hosting is just as secure as any other style of hosting. However, it’s gotten a bad rap due to the criticism of visualized technologies in the past. When things started moving towards the cloud there was a lot of fear related to this new technology, as businesses couldn’t part with the idea of not having their data and storage in-house. However, now that the cloud has gone mainstream those critiques have become nothing but a thing of the past. Today we rely on several different technologies that live in the cloud, and our hosting is no different. Below we explore the main issues surrounding cloud hosting security and highlight the security advantages of hosting your website in the cloud. So you can finally answer the question: is cloud hosting safe and secure? Understanding Cloud Hosting Security Much of the concern related to the security of cloud hosting and other cloud platforms had to do with the initial skepticism over changing technology and not the technology itself. Time has shown us that the cloud has matured and with that technology, maturation has come improved levels of security. When looking at a traditional server environment your website’s files are stored in a specified physical server location. With cloud hosting your site’s files are distributed and take up multiple virtual server locations that are associated with physical servers. In terms of overall security, cloud hosting actually has an additional layer of security. You have your physical security measures to protect the physical data center from being hacked, or harmed. Next, you have a layer of security on the physical server itself. Finally, with cloud hosting you have an additional layer of security that protects the virtual network and isolates your cloud hosting environment. However, not all cloud hosts are created equal in their security measures. The overall security of any cloud platform has to do with how certain security protocols are implemented. For example, you can have a very insecure cloud server in the same way you could have an insecure dedicated server. It’s not the underlying technology, but how it’s implemented. Is Cloud Hosting Secure? There are a few different objections to the overall security of cloud hosting. We examine those below and illustrate how cloud hosting actually overcomes these security hurdles. 1. The Bad Neighbor Effect One common security issue revolves around the issue of multi-tenant cloud hosting. This is when multiple different virtual machines are using the same dedicated physical server space. These virtual machine networks are what make up your cloud hosting environment. The idea is that a single insecure or overloaded site on the network, could compromise the other sites. However, there are numerous enhanced security protocols in place like VM isolation, which completely isolates your virtual network from others on the same machine. This means that your data is safe, protected, and can’t be accessed by anyone except you. 2. Overall Loss of Data Control The seeming loss of control over the location of your data seems to be a big objection to cloud hosting. The outsourcing of your information storage to a third-party cloud system can seem a little scary. However, most of today’s cloud hosting providers operate with this understanding and have built their system around providing transparency and security around the user data. This allows you to maintain responsibility over your data, while not having to manage everything yourself. 3. Main Cloud Hosting Security Vulnerabilities Just like other forms of hosting there are certain vulnerabilities you’ll need to be aware of. Security is never going to be perfect. When compared to traditional hosting the cloud offers a universal access point, which means that security protocols need to be even stricter. Still, vulnerabilities do exist. Below you’ll find the main types of security issues that threaten cloud hosting environments. You’ll notice they’re very similar to traditional hosting environments as well: DDoS attacks. It’s difficult to stop DDoS attacks, but you can do your best to protect your site with a solution like Site Lock, or other security add-ons. Data breaches. Data breaches can occur due to the lack of two-factor authentication. By improving passwords and improving your user authentication process, this can be avoided. Malware. Malware scripts can be injected into your cloud hosting and can be quite destructive in regards to sensitive data. However, using software like Site Lock will help protect you against this as well. Data loss. Since data is stored across long distances you can run into the risk of a data center being taken out, or going offline, due to natural causes. Typically, this risk can be mitigated through regular backups stored in different locations. Security Benefits of Cloud Servers Using cloud hosting can actually end up offering you flexibility, security, and other cloud hosting benefits. By taking your website’s hosting up into the cloud you may be protecting your website even more than using a standard host. Hardware problems are a non-issue. With cloud hosting, if there’s an issue with the physical server, or you need to add more memory or make improvements, you can do this without any downtime by running your site from a different virtual server. An infected server won’t bring down your site. On the same line of thinking if a physical server becomes compromised this won’t bring down your site. Your site will simply be loaded from a different source and isolated from the issue. Instant website data mirroring. Website mirroring will have simultaneous versions of your site present on different servers. This helps to improve the overall safety of your site and its redundancy. Hopefully, this post has given you a better picture of the main issues surrounding cloud hosting security. Today’s cloud hosts are very different from the insecure cloud environments of the past, and instead offer you a flexible and highly secure hosting solution.
  19. There is something to be said about webmasters who view their chosen web hosting company as a limited business partner. For the majority of webmasters a website is, after all, a business. Every successful business begins with a business plan. Creating a solid business plan for a website should be viewed as an essential element to serve as a guideline for the project in its entirety. A successful website business plan will include the following criteria: the objective of the web hosting company, the websites targeted audience, the business methodology, and lastly the company’s profile and financial statement. Metrics of Success A business plan relies heavily upon its key objectives to measure its success. Clearly outlining these objectives will enable both the web hosting company and the webmaster to perceive a detailed analysis of the market strategies needed in order to remain competitive and successful in the business market. In addition, a solid understanding of the web hosting company’s main objectives allows potential webmasters to realize the differences between an established host and those that may be utilizing advertising tactics just to sway their business. A distinct advantage of web hosting companies with a clearly outlined list of objectives comes from the complacency afforded to potential clients; they know from the beginning what to expect and what not to. Target Markets It is the responsibility of the webmaster to determine which target market group they wish to advertise their products or services to. The largest corporations have spent a great deal of time and money to conduct various market research studies, in hopes of determining what market areas will exhibit the greatest deal of interest. Business Methodology The majority of the overall strategy and planning phase of a successful business plan will be outlined in the business methodology. The breadth and depth of a business methodology pertains mostly to the strategic plans to promote the products or services being offered by the web hosting company. It should be noted that web hosting business plans may vary greatly depending upon the nature of the website that the webmaster intends to produce. Significant Factors Webmasters will also find information on how to correctly execute many significant factors pertaining to the actual web hosting service in the business methodology. These factors may include topics such as disk transfer speed, domain availability, FTP accounts, security and resiliency and so on. A common strategy among web hosting companies is to provide new consumers with a free trial of some of their most common features and services. New webmasters must pay special attention to the company profile and financial statement of any web hosting company that they are considering service from. The company profile will provide information surrounding the location, reliability and experience of the web host. It will also provide a solid understanding of the fiscal capabilities and responsibilities of the web hosting company.
  20. Welcome to Webmasterhut. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  21. GameDomainPlanets Is a gaming blog for news and updates on popular title. View the full article
  22. Hey @Ashley yes im late but happy new year to you as well.😉
  23. I did the same as well, just keep playing with the code on a dummy site you will learn php in time.😉
  24. Welcome @GameDomainPlanet you can promote your site on here as well https://www.forumregister.com/ its one of my sites as well.....
  25. Welcome to Webmasterhut. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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