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  1. I don't like the design, the previous one was pretty good.
  2. I think in this pace they will come out with 3.0 very soon. So many updates and iteration.
  3. I have started one of my project using an open-source, free script. If i find the forum is doing well i will switch to paid forum software. Do you think this affects the sites value and indexing?
  4. Oh great, so where are they moving to? I know they have limited non-Asian data centers.
  5. Yes i understand, running one site as an hobby shared hosting will do the trick. If you are serious and wanted to do something big, VPS and above.
  6. Will do that @Noble Thank you checking the forum!
  7. Lets say you are starting a new project, will you ever go with a Free hosting to see how it goes or choose Shared hosting? As i have some experience with hosting and running site i will start with Shared hosting as i found it reliable and provides support when things go bad.
  8. Community for Indian Christians to meet fellow Christians, submit prayer requests, share testimonies, get help and lots more. https://indianchristianz.com
  9. Great to hear that, i too have read so many positive and great things about Knownhost.
  10. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful year ahead.
  11. Jason

    Why Windows ?

    Hmm lets see in few years whether Linux able compete in a huge way.
  12. So how is your Christmas Celebration going or went. We went to our Aunt's house for a family get together. And by 4 hours Christmas will come to an end for us.
  13. OMG 1500$ a month. And that is really bad to hear that they are hacking and messing around
  14. Hello and welcome to Webmaster Hut. Glad you are back to forums
  15. @Carlos Do you think the friendly URL's really boosted your website? Or the content?
  16. Hey Ashley, thanks for joining in. Good to see that you own a forum, wish you good luck.
  17. I always keep domain with one provider and hosting with other. This way when a mail arrives i know what to do rather than get confused.
  18. Jason

    Why Windows ?

    Unless other OSes come up with lot of software and fix compatibility issue Windows will be King.
  19. Hmm, i was previously part of the team . Now just a member
  20. Yes registrars send mail, but sometime we do miss it or in some case it will end in Spam folder.
  21. Oh that is cool, i have checked their site and i remember now. But sadly i need Singapore datacenter as my audience are from India.
  22. Knownhost doesn't offer Shared hosting right? I read many good reviews about the hosting.
  23. Jason

    Do you cook?

    Wow that is awesome, a snap of the dish would be great I am better at eating ha ha ha.
  24. Jason

    Do you cook?

    Do you cook? Or are you learning to cook dishes? I know to make bread omelette other than that i don't know anything
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