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  1. One and only Indian Christian Forum dedicated for the people of India.
  2. Yes a great job by Joel, good to see the efforts put in the forum.
  3. I started with MyBB and i am using MyBB for my current project. I bought few software licenses and i sold it and i am back to MyBB. The development and involvement of MyBB has gone down and many skip free forum software over paid software and it will surely bring death to few of the free forum software.
  4. Just an update 77 Replies 56 Topics 5 Users
  5. I don't like the design, the previous one was pretty good.
  6. I think in this pace they will come out with 3.0 very soon. So many updates and iteration.
  7. I have started one of my project using an open-source, free script. If i find the forum is doing well i will switch to paid forum software. Do you think this affects the sites value and indexing?
  8. Oh great, so where are they moving to? I know they have limited non-Asian data centers.
  9. Yes i understand, running one site as an hobby shared hosting will do the trick. If you are serious and wanted to do something big, VPS and above.
  10. Will do that @Noble Thank you checking the forum!
  11. Lets say you are starting a new project, will you ever go with a Free hosting to see how it goes or choose Shared hosting? As i have some experience with hosting and running site i will start with Shared hosting as i found it reliable and provides support when things go bad.
  12. Community for Indian Christians to meet fellow Christians, submit prayer requests, share testimonies, get help and lots more. https://indianchristianz.com
  13. Great to hear that, i too have read so many positive and great things about Knownhost.
  14. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful year ahead.
  15. Jason

    Why Windows ?

    Hmm lets see in few years whether Linux able compete in a huge way.
  16. So how is your Christmas Celebration going or went. We went to our Aunt's house for a family get together. And by 4 hours Christmas will come to an end for us.
  17. OMG 1500$ a month. And that is really bad to hear that they are hacking and messing around
  18. Hello and welcome to Webmaster Hut. Glad you are back to forums
  19. @Carlos Do you think the friendly URL's really boosted your website? Or the content?
  20. Hey Ashley, thanks for joining in. Good to see that you own a forum, wish you good luck.
  21. I always keep domain with one provider and hosting with other. This way when a mail arrives i know what to do rather than get confused.
  22. Jason

    Why Windows ?

    Unless other OSes come up with lot of software and fix compatibility issue Windows will be King.
  23. Hmm, i was previously part of the team . Now just a member
  24. Yes registrars send mail, but sometime we do miss it or in some case it will end in Spam folder.
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