Technabyte Review 2019

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    Here is my mini review of Technabyte.

    I signed up with Technabyte using "firstfree" coupon to get my first month free shared hosting. The activation mail was sent within 10 minutes of signing up. They use DirectAdmin Panel instead of cPanel

    Speed & Performance:

    As the hosting is new the speed and performance of my site was very good. The servers are based in UK but there was no lag or delay in loading up of the forum. I didn't notice any downtime (no external monitoring system was used), when ever i visit the site it worked and no errors.


    They are new in the field so the support from them was good, Only one tech support guy was there to fix my issue and i learned more people will be added to support team to reduce the response time. The only supporting system they provide is through Ticket system. I got my issues solved in a short time and i was happy.

    Pricing, location and other:

    The pricing of hosting plan is decent but their resources is limited, hope they increase it for better experience. Shared hosting is based in UK and they don't have anyother datacenter as of now. But they are planning to add few locations in the future. First month of hosting is free if you use the "firstfree" coupon, this way you can test the server and see if it fits your need. If your audience are from UK and surrounding places then go for this hosting.

    I rate the hosting 4 out of 5.

  • Yes scripts worked well with them. I tried ElkArte, MyBB, Woltlab in their server and everything worked good. And for the support is it not the quickest or company standards timing, but they sort the issue.