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Hey everyone, 

I'd like to welcome and introduce you all to Webmaster Hut. A brand new platform aiming to assist webmasters, entrepreneurs, and content creators to engage in a transparent knowledge base as well as share their common interests. Individuals and groups can create themselves a brand image within this community building up their reputation and influence, gain feedback on their projects or simply discuss recent events. 

As a quick tour, The Hub is our central point of discussion where announcements are given, casual chatter can occur or you can ask for feedback on your latest project!

The Marketplace section is home to all services that you wish to advertise. Simply post a new topic in one of the relevant sections and describe what you can do, for what price and also to show off a portfolio to entice your potential customers!

If you're unsure of our rules, take a look at our Community Guidelines which openly outline all our site policies that must be adhered to. if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us through the Support page and we'll get back to you shortly.

Webmaster-hut is always open to your suggestions and feedback to improve the site! If you have any thoughts to share, don't hesitate to drop a post in our Site Feedback sub-forum.

Thanks for your support,


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Author of the topic Posted

Hey smokey welcome to the site, I had a look at your forum VERY nice indeed, I have a gaming site with Xenforo very similar to yours LOL....... We are open to ideas here if you see something that needs work or anything you want to see here let us know.....Enjoy


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