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  • Ownership. The Marketplace is for personal sales/trades of items owned by the members involved. You may not state that you are buying, selling, or trading on behalf of others, because it can interfere with responsibility and decision-making; YOU must be the sole party involved in the transaction with another forum member. You must be in physical possession of any items offered for sale at the time they are offered, and they must be available at the time you post.

  • Fundraising. The Marketplace may be used for fundraising.

  • Suitable items. The Marketplace is intended primarily for domains, websites, forums, themes, plugins and such items but is not limited to such items. We do not permit offers to sell/trade/buy hazardous materials, weapons, or age-restricted items that would be illegal for our members aged 18+ to purchase. We do not permit sales or trades that violate laws. When in doubt, contact us for permission before starting a Marketplace thread.

  • Feedback. If you have completed a transaction with a fellow member, leave feedback (either positive or negative). We tend to build a trustworthy community and feedback is crucial to do so. Keep in mind, no false feedback is allowed to be given. If we suspect such thing, we will act.

  • Disclaimer. Webmaster Hut does not and cannot evaluate sales, items, sellers, buyers, or prices. These rules are intended to maintain order and to assist, rather than impede, personal sales and trades among forum members, but cannot ensure that every offer is legitimate or priced. We are not responsible for the actions of forum members in carrying out the terms of sales, purchases, and trades.

  • Common sense. Use common sense and be straightforward in your deal making. Observe the spirit, not just the letter, of these rules. When in doubt about a rule, ask a moderator. Before entering a transaction with another member, look at his or her previous Marketplace transactions, feedback from others they have dealt with (very important!), and their forum posting history. Make sure you have contact information outside of the Marketplace forums before sending money or goods to another member.

  • Payment method. Since Webmaster Hut offers no protection or formal mediation help, we strongly recommend that members not choose payment forms such as PayPal "gift" payments, cash payments, or peer-to-peer payment systems such as Square Cash, Venmo, Facebook Messenger. These methods do not permit formal recourse via the payment system in case of disputes. Members who arrange trades in the Marketplace should keep in mind that by their very nature trades aren't subject to the protections available through payment systems. 

  • Credits. Webmaster Hut offers a middleman for money service. If you wish to sell and buy outside the middleman WH is not responsible.

  • Rule violations. If you think a sale, buyer, seller, or other forum member is breaking Forum Rules or these Marketplace Rules, report it using the Report feature. Don't police the sale yourself. If a member has a history of Marketplace problems or is involved in a disputed transaction, their other Marketplace activity may be frozen.


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